Bringing Your Puppy Home

At Tennessee Valley Goldens

Our puppies are like our babies! For the first months these sweeties are with us, we make sure they receive the highest quality nutrition, care, socialization and earliest training possible.

And it does not stop there. We carefully screen each and every home that we place our puppies in to make sure our little loves go to the best homes out there!



Items to have waiting at home for your new puppy

  • His food. We STRONGLY suggest you continue to feed him the best quality, most digestible food we've ever tried, Life’s Abundance Adult and Puppy Formula. If you choose to continue feeding Life's Abundance Nutritional System for the first 24 months of your puppy's life, we offer a solid 2 year Health Guarantee.  We strongly hope you choose to continue feeding Life's Abundance Nutritional System and Agility Supplement. We believe that these products provide the optimum nutritional benefits ensuring good health and longevity for the dog, which is why we are willing to stand behind this guarantee.
  • However, should you choose to switch to a different brand, please mix it with the bag of food we send home with him to avoid too much stomach upset or loose stools. Also, make sure it is a completely digestible food that DOES NOT contain CORN, WHEAT or SOY!!! These ingredients are only fillers which will cause excess and often loose stools. They are not good for dogs--ever!! Plus, these ingredients can cause severe allergic reactions in dogs, even if there is no history of allergies in the lines.
  • Good quality treats for training and rewards. Use only in small amounts, as too many can cause digestive problems and/or diarrhea. Also, poor quality treats can contain unhealthy ingredients, much like feeding a newborn baby French fries. Remember also, it's not the size of the treat that you give your puppy, it's the fact that you were happy with him and let him know by rewarding him with a treat. A tiny piece is PLENTY!! Life’s Abundance also sells excellent quality dog treats, which we recommend, so you know you're offering a healthy treat that your puppy will LOVE!!  Here are just a few of the quality treats we use and highly recommend you have on hand for your new baby's arrival:
  1. 16oz Training Treats
  2. Lg Antioxidant Bars
  3. 3 pkg Porky Puffs 
  4. 3 pkg Bully Sticks
  • Ceramic or stainless steel food and water dishes.
  • A large 36 to 42 inch crate for house-training. Don't bother buying a smaller one as Golden Retriever puppies grow very quickly and will outgrow it in no time at all. We prefer and recommend wire crates over plastic ones. For one thing, most of them come with dividers that allow the crate to grow with your puppy and make housebreaking quicker. Also, your puppy will not feel like they are being punished just for existing if they can see you and not feel separated from you. Goldens are very social dogs and the last thing he/she ever wants to be away from you. Also, remember that ALL PUPPIES will chew. You won't want to give your puppy free roam of the house until he/she is passed this stage. Not only can they wreck your new shoes, but they WILL chew electrical cords, which can be extremely dangerous--and expensive to replace. You'll want to keep him crated whenever you are not able to supervise him. A puppy is a lot like a 12-18 month old baby. Even human babies need to learn where to go potty and what they shouldn't put in their mouths. Please do not expect your new puppy to act like a dog!!
  • Old towels or blanket that can be washed easily or thrown out should they become soiled or chewed up. Don't waste your money buying a cute bed for your puppy, as it'll likely be chewed the first night. Wait until he/she is at least 12-18 months before trying to use something you'd like to last more than one night. When a puppy is bored, he'll chew....
  • Speaking of chewing... LOTS of chew toys. We've found that puppies love little stuffed animal toys that squeak. Rope toys are also a favorite, as are rubbery squeaky toys. Tennis balls are another favorite. Raw-hides are not recommended as they can cause choking hazard if puppy is able to bite off pieces.
  • A good collar for when you are NOT leash training your puppy. You should also get him an ID collar tag that contains your contact info, in case he should get lost—your new puppy will also be micro chipped for additional identification protection. We also recommend using a martingale collar for leash  training. The results you will achieve when you use one of these will amaze you. Plus, they are safer than the old fashioned choke collars, and are absolutely safe for your puppy as long as he is in your sight when wearing this collar.  You do not want your puppy getting caught up or tangled with this special collar if he were to get out of your sight.
  • A fenced in yard if possible and maybe a dog door

Life’s Abundance Premium Dog/Puppy Food.  Please order you puppy's food ASAP, so you'll have it in time for his/her arrival at your home. The website to order your Life’s Abundance Nutritional System and Agility Supplement is Or you may call your Life's Abundance order in at 1-877-387-4564 but you will need to give them our Representative ID numbers: 20273659

We recommend “Auto-ship” every 2-3 months, based on the weight of your Golden Retriever. In most cases, the shipping charge is $8.25 per order (excluding any non-food products). Therefore, you will save on shipping if you order a greater amount of food over a longer period of time. For example, instead of ordering a 20 lb. bag of dog food every month for your Adult Golden Retriever, we suggest two 40 lb. bags every 3 1/2 to 4 months (shipping charge of approximately $8.25 per order, NOT per bag). Plus if you use “Auto-ship, you will save an additional per bag. So if your adult dog weighs 70 pounds, it will cost you approximately $37.42 a month to feed your dog the very finest premium dog food on the market today, or LESS! (Less if order more than one bag at a time, saving shipping charges.) We challenge you to find a healthier commercial dog food for less money! You won't, so why not just stick to what your puppy is already used to and doing wonderfully on He/she will have one less thing to adjust to when he/she leaves our home to become a member of your family.

The First Few Days

Just a little advice on what to plan for and expect for the first few days living in your home:

The first few days can be quite stressful for your new puppy, as everything is a change for him! He will already be weaned off of his mother, but will still be very used to sleeping with his litter mates so will be a little lonely and likely cry at night when in his crate. Expect this for the first two to three nights, the first night of course being the worst. If after he falls asleep for a while, he wakes up again and starts to cry, he probably needs to go potty. When you take him out to go potty, keep it all business, NO playing or praise whatsoever. If it's no fun to get up in the middle of the night, he'll soon decide it's not worth it and just sleep through the night for you. However, if you make it fun, he'll look forward to that special playtime and continue to wake up to play at 3 a.m. for months! Remember, you're the responsible one and have to make the rules. If you let him call the shots, he will and they likely won't be what you have in mind.

If your new puppy won't eat at first, don't worry too much, as he will likely be very busy and excitedly checking out his new surroundings. However, if by evening he still is not interested in eating, please try offering him some cooked ground beef. Keeping his blood sugar from dropping is important, so make sure he does eat something. Also, this should help stimulate his appetite again so he'll begin eating his dog food as usual the next day. If he does develop loose stools, adding some cooked white rice should help to bulk them up again quickly. If by the second day he still refuses to eat, please give us a call ASAP, so we can help you determine if there is a problem developing as he may need to see a vet. Above all, the most important thing is that the puppy is drinking! He should be willing to drink shortly after arriving at his new home. If he won't drink within a few hours after he arrives at his new home, please call us immediately!! (423) 289-7877 Rarely does this happen, but can from time to time, and it's important not to let a problem go too long. We'd rather you called us as soon as it seems a problem is arising than to wait until something is really wrong. Please, you will not be inconveniencing us at all. We are concerned with our puppies even after they have become yours.

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a Tennessee Valley Golden / ShowRingGoldens

Planning on picking your puppy up?

Here is a list of things you will want for the ride home...

  • A travel crate for the ride home
  • Old towels or blankets to place in his crate to keep him warm and help him feel more comfortable. If you'd like us to rub one or two on his litter-mate, let us know. The smell often makes him adjust to the crate easier.
  • A water dish in case he/she needs a drink during the ride home. However, we don't recommend this unless the drive is more than about two hours. Also, unless the drive home is more than four or five hours, please don't feed him until you get home as he/she may get car sick and/or have to go potty.
  • You may want to bring along some paper towels and even some wet wipes in case of an accident on the way home.They do happen from time to time.
  • A couple of toys for the drive home may help keep him calm and cry less---sometimes not.
  • A collar to wear and leash in case you have to stop.  This is the collar that will have your puppy's ID tags on it.
  • You may wish to bring one or two gallon jugs with that we can fill up for you so you can mix it with your own water at home and make this change gradual as well. A sudden change of water source can make people sick, and can really cause problems with a little puppy.